Roof Repair Advice for Homeowners in Gainesville FL

It’s always a shame when the roof has to be repaired. Due to the effects of weather, time and accidents you’re going to have to deal with repairing the roof sometime. A roof replacement could be worse and a lot more costly. While certain shingles can be repaired sometimes, The amount of damage and what the ceiling of your home is made of that you re dealing with will play a part if the repair can be fixing shingles. When problems with the roof appear, it’s best to call a professional contractor to check out what needs to be fixed and letting the customer know if it’s something the customer can fix by themselves.

Kinds of Home Ceiling Problems

The reasons why a roof requires to be repaired will differ because of the varying styles of roofs. But the cause of the problem is either the weather or someone you hired to do work on the roof. Most of the time, it’s because of wind and severe temperatures. If those kinds of things did not cause the damage then the installation was not handled correctly. A couple of common things that could be accredited to poor installation is a leaky roof or shingles that are becoming detached from the house.

Leaking Ceiling

The first step if you are experiencing a leaky roof, you have to find out where the water is coming in from as well as how much destruction was caused. While both of these jobs may sound simple, that isn’t always true because evidence of a problem is only noticed once a watery blemish appears on the ceiling. Before you notice that, water was flowing through the barriers of your home. So these problems were getting worse before the homeowner even realizes that there was a problem. Plugging up where the water is coming from isn’t even the worst problem at this point because your house may have mold, or mildew or the structure of your house could be rotting.

Determining Locations of the Damage

Once you have confirmed that none of the problems mentioned above have occurred except for a stain on the wall, you have to determine where the water is coming in from. It may be possible to look for a place on the roof that is damaged and go from there. If you can’t determine where the damage is on the roof then go up to the top floor during the day, close up the ladder and look where sunlight is coming from the roof. Assuming that sunlight is still getting in, then you know where the damage on the roof was done. If you still can’t determine where the roof was damaged, you might want to try and have someone spray the roof with a garden hose while you wait to see where the water is entering through. After time, you will find out where water is coming in from.

Plugging Up The Problem

This is harder then finding the leak because how to fix it determines where on the roof the damage is, what kind of roof is on your home and the amount of damage that was done to the roof. If your roof is made with concrete or wood then you just have to repair the areas where the damage is. If you’re dealing with an asphalt roof, much more may need to be fixed. A good rule of thumb is plan to repair no less then a tenth more of the roof other then where the damage is evident. Of course that is assuming the house wasn’t impacted more. The reason that is said is because leaks often lead to bigger problems with the roof. It is advisable to contact a professional company like Superior Roofing Gainesville to state how much repair will be necessary. You can move on without contacting a professional but that opens the door for bigger problems to occur down the line if something was missed.